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   Hello our viewers, We welcome you here to test your luck with us. Here you can win Paytm Cash, Mobikwik Cash, Freecharge Cash, Movie Tickets, Mobile Recharge etc. You just have to answers simple questions and one lucky winner will win a great prize. This is all because of your love that today we could reach at this level, we could not have done this without you, now it's time to pay you back so we have organized this platform for you. It is totally free, you don't have to pay us any charge or fee, neither you have to install any stupid app. 

How To
   As we mentioned above it is totally free and you don't have to pay any fee. We will just ask you a simple question and you have to E-mail us the answer of that question with your name, state and your unique code Then a lucky winner will be selected randomly by computer. We will announce the lucky winner right here. You don't need to run here and there. 
   You have to first apply for the contest by sending us mail then we will give you a unique id via E-mail, after that you will send your answer with that unique id. Why is unique code? There are lots of people with the same name from the same state so it is hard to identify them so because of that unique id we can identify the people. 
   First you will send us E-mail to take unique id. You will write apply in the 'subject field' and in the maid body you will write "I want to apply" then we will reply you to you E-mail the unique code then you can send your answer.
   While sending your answer first you will write your name, after that your state then your answer and after that your unique code. You will write "answer" in the subject field. 
   The E-mail structure we mentioned above should not be changed. It is very must. If this structure we mentioned above, will have any changes your application will be rejected.

  • You cannot send us multiple application with the same unique code if you try to do this, you will be rejected and you won't win any prize. 
  • You can send applications once a day with the same unique code
  • Make sure your unique code is absolutely correct 
  • Answer of the question must be correct. wrong answers will be rejected 
  • This unique code will be valid until the result announce. When we bring another prize for you then you will apply for the new unique code. Your previous unique code won't be valid
Send Answers
  • You will apply for the unique code and send your answer to the same E-mail id which we have mentioned below
  • Today we are giving two movie tickets of BHOOMI. You can test your luck
  • Result will be announced on 20/Sep/2017 right here
  • Deadline for sending answers is 15/Sep/2017 at 12:00
  • Best of Luck

Please send your request for the unique code and answers to the E-mail blew and test your luck. Don't forget the structure of the E-mail, we mentioned above otherwise your answer will be rejected

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