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Do you like watching movies. Now you can earn money by watching movies right here. Just submit movie reviews in your words and if we like your review we will publish it on our site. It means we'll buy your movie review from you. Isn't it cool? Just go to watch movie(Only Hindi Movies) and submit your review and we'll pay you for that. 

Cost of movie review
We will buy your reviews for Rs 200. It depends on the quality of your review. We know it is very less amount but we are thinking to increase this amount. we'll give you official announcement soon. 

Conditions For Submitting Your Review 
  • This review should be yours. Don't steal it from any other site.
  • Reviews are accepted only of Hindi Movies
  • Your review should have good length. 
  • Your review must contain plot of the movie in short 
Paying Methods 
We will pay through Paytm. For this you have to share your Paytm registered mobile number, Your privacy is our top priority, we don't share your personal info with anyone. But still if you don't want to tell us your mobile number then you can share your Paytm QR code. We will pay you through Paytm within 24 hours. 

We will pay you through UPI. For this you have to share your Virtual Address. Through virtual address we will pay you money within 24 hours. 

We also pay through NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer). Just share your bank account number, your bank name and IFSC code. This IFSC code should be on your bank's passbook. To accept money through this method, your money should be above Rs 1000.

How To Submit 
It is so simple. Just send your review on our E-mail and we will pay your amount if your review is approved. Just provide your name in the end of the review so that we can write your name under your review and also provide payment method and required information for complete your transaction. 
We will notify you when your article is approved by E-mail. After getting approved your article within 24 hours we'll pay your amount. 
Submit your review on [email protected]

Reviews Required Currently 
Jolly LLB 2 
OK Jaanu 


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