Request Lyrics Translation

Are you searching for any specific song lyrics and English meaning and you can't find it. You can request any song lyrics and its English translation or meaning. We will try to relay the lyrics and English meaning of your favourite songs as soon as possible. 
This service costs Rs 5 via Paytm. You will be sent our Paytm QR code. Just E-mail us your song details and Paytm order/reference number so that we may conform your payment.
Blew are some conditions of submitting your favourite songs.
We don't translate Punjabi songs on demand
You can also provide lyrics of the songs(in case of you want us to translate song in English)
This service costs Rs 5 per song. We accept payment via Paytm. 
Blew are the system how you will submit your songs .
You just need to write title of the song
You also have to tell us the movie name
You can also submit YouTube video link
Blew is our E-mail address just send your title of the song of yours here.
Songs of Latest Bollywood movies are free

Here is our Paytm QR code

Thank You


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