Human Translator

Do you have any story, essay or any article which you want to get translated in English or Hindi, If it is so then this service of ours is for you. We brings for you Human Translator service. Forget all your worries we will translate any kind of article for you for very affordable price. It doesn't matter whether your article is in English and you want to get it translated in Hindi or your article is in Hindi which you want to get translated in English. We will do it for you and prices are very reasonable too.

How To Do
  1. Just E-mail us in pdf, jpg, doc etc formates your article, story etc
  2. Just pay charges according to your pages via Paytm
  3. E-mail us Paytm transaction order/reference number with your file 
  4. And just site back and relax, your translated copy will be sent to you via E-mail, After work done we delete your file. 
Translation Charges 
  1. Charges of translations are Rs 1 per word without spaces 
  1. Don't worry we don't share any kind of information related to your matter 
  2. If anything happens wrong in the process your full money will be refunded 
Please send your file or matter at [email protected]

Payment Method 

Here is our Paytm QR blew you can scan this QR code and send us your funds according to the charges, mentioned above 
Just go to passbook option of your Paytm and check your Transaction reference/order number and E-mail us 
We will mortify you when your payment is conformed and your process will be start.
You will get your translated copy in a week. we will try to send this sooner. Name will show 'Amit' or 'Amit Kumar'


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