Musafir Song Lyrics & English Translation - JAGGA JASOOS

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This song Musafir song is from the movie Jagga Jasoos, sung by Tushar Joshi, music by Pritam and lyricist of this song is Amitabh Bhattacharya 

Movie Name - Jagga Jasoos
Singer - Tushar Joshi
Lyricist - Amitabh Bhattacharya
Music - Pritam
Music Label- T-Series

Main musafir banoon
Raasta ho tera
Manzilon se meri
Waasta ho tera

I become traveller
And the way is of yours
My destination is related to you

Roshni se teri
Ho savera mera
Tu jahan bhi rahein
Ho basera mera

With your light
My morning takes place
Wherever you are 
My existence is there

Yahan mera tere siva
Hai duja nahi koyi re
Akela mujhe chhodke
Na jaana tu nirmohi re

There is no other one
Of mine here but you
Don't ever leave me 
Alone oh cruel one

Ho kahaani meri
Tarjuma ho tera
Ho duaen teri
Sar jhuka ho mera

There is my story
Translation is yours
Prayers are your
Head of mine is down (bow)

Raaz mein bhi tere
Sach chhupa ho mera
Main kamayi jodoon
Karz adaa ho tera

Even in your secret
My truth is hidden
I collect earnings
Loan gets cleared of yours

Yahan pe na tere siva
Hai duja nahi koi re
Akela mujhe chhodke
Na jaana tu nirmohi re

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