Kuch To Hai - Lyrics & English Translation - DO LAFZON KI KAHANI

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Singer: Armaan Malik
Music: Amaal Mallik
Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir
Music Label: T-Series

Aahatein kaisi yeh aahatein
Sunta hoon aaj kal, aye dil bata
Dastakein dete hain dastakein
Kyun ajnabi se pal, aye dil bata

Sounds, what kind of sounds
I listen nowadays, hey heart tell me
Why do these moments knock nowadays
Hey heart tell me
Aahat is an APPROACHING SOUND and Aahatein are "approaching sounds"
For example, you are in a room and you hear someone talking and
approaching your room. That sound is Aahat. Hearing footsteps of someone
approaching you is also an Aahat.

Kuch toh hai jo neend aaye kam
Kuch toh hai jo aankhe hain nam
Kuch toh hai jo tu keh de toh
Hanste hanste marr jaayein hum

There is something that I get sleepy less
There is something that eyes are wet(with tears)
There is something if you tell me
I will die happily

Mujhse zyada mere jaisa
Koi hai toh hai tu
Phir na jaane dil mera kyun
Tujhko na de sakoon

If someone is more than me like me
It is you
Then I don't know why
I can't give my my heart to you

Kuch toh hai jo dil ghabraaye
Kuch toh hai jo saans naa aaye
Kuch toh hai jo hum honthon se
Kehte kehte keh naa paayein

There is something that my heart is scared
There is something that I can hardly breathe
There is something that we can't say
Which comes on the lips
(Here next two lines mean
they can't say which they are about to say)

Jo humare darmiyaan hain
Iss ko hum kya kahein
Ishq kya hai ik lehar hai
Aao isme bahein

Which is between us
What should we call this
What is love, it is a tide
Let's dive into it

Kuch toh hai jo hum hain khoye
Kuch toh hai jo tum na soye
Kuch toh hai jo hum dono yun
Hanste hanste itna roye

There is something that we have lost
There is something that you can't sleep
There is something that we both wept too much
Like this happily


  1. Mark Banargee3 November 2016 at 14:17

    the song is so beautiful

  2. Suchikethan Adi Sreeram25 January 2017 at 10:43

    No words to say

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