Tareefan Lyrics & English Translation - Veera Di Wedding

Tareefan Song Lyrics and English Translation
Tareefan song from the movie Veera Di Wedding, sung by Badshah and music by QARAN and lyricist of this song is QARAN, Rupin Pahwa & Badshah

Song Credits:
Movie: Veera Di Wedding
Singer: Badshah
Music: QARAN
Lyrics: QARAN, Rupin Pahwa & Badshah
Music Label: Zee Music Company

Kaanon mein ikk
Dil ki baat sunavaan ni
Tenu hansda vekh
Jag nu main bhul jaavan ni
Dassde kiddan gal tenu samjhawan ni
Oh ab tu shad de ohnu jo ae tere naal

I will whisper in your eyes
About the thing of heart 
I forget the world 
While looking at you laughing
Tell me how many times 
I have to make you understand
Now leave it which you have 

Nakhre kyun kardi ae
Mainu jachda nahi
Kinna sawaal kardi ae
Enna main sunta nahi

Why do you show attitude
I don't like all this
You ask as much questions
As I don't listen

Hor dass kinniya tareefan
chahidi ae tenu (x4)

Tell me how many times
Do I have to praise you

(Badshan Rap)
Baby mera mind tu kare blow
Baaki kare shine tu kare glow
Jeans hai daali
Daali tune jo woh teri booty pe tight
Baby jaise mera flow

Baby you blew my mind
Everyone else shines but you glow
You wore the jeans
The jeans you wore, is tight on your booty
Baby as my flow

Baby god damn tu hai 100
Baaki average, tu hai savage
Baby tu hai raw
Mujhe teri body ki har woh cheej lage sexy
Jo baakiyon ko lagti hai flaw

Baby God damn you are 100
Everyone else is average, you are savage
Baby you are raw
Every part of your body seems to me sexy
Which seems to everyone else flow

Baby let’s go, right now
Dekho mujhe wait na itni karaao
Lakk tera lean, baatein teri mean
Dieting pe hai toh kyun khati bhaav

Baby let's go, right now
Look don't keep me waiting so much
Your waist is lean, your talks are lean
If you are on dieting, why do you put on airs
Bhav khana means acting pricely. it means 
you show yourself that you are better than others
Now bhaav means attitude and khana (khati) means eating
But as English phrasal verbs, here two 
words are coming together "Bhaav" "Khana" and
therefore their meaning has changed 

Hor dass kinniya tareefan
chahidi ae tenu (x4)

Kyun samjhe na baatein meri
Tu kyun ae lad’di
Soorat ae sohni, seerat teri bewafa
Samjhe na ishaare
Haan kinni vaari main kahaa…
Tu aaja chal mere naal…

Why don't you understand me
Why do you argue
Your face is fair, inwardly you are betrayer
You don't get the signs
Yeah how many times did I tell you
You come with me...
There are two words "Soorat" and "Seerat"
Soorat means as you may know, face or outer bauty
And seerat means inner beauty, how is that person from inside

Nakhre kyun kardi ae
Mainu jachda nahi
Kinna sawaal kardi ae
Enna main sunta nahi

Hor dass kinniya tareefan
chahidi ae tenu (x4)

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