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Lazmi title song lyrics and English Translajtion
Lazmi title song is from the movie Lazmi, sung by Sumit Showriya and lyrics by Ursula and Sumit Showriya and lyricist of this song is Ursula

Song Credits:
Album - Lazmi
Singer - Sumit Showriya
Music - Ursula & Sumit Showriya
Lyricist - Ursula
Music On - Zee Music Company

Chaaje aasma ho ya jemin
Tera bina mian bhi nahi(x2)

Whether it's the sky or the land
I am not without you as well

Chaahe tu kahe ya na kahe
Aankhein teri sab kah gayin
Chahe tu rahe ya na rahe
Yaadein teri sang rah gayi

Whether you say or not
Your eyes said everything
Whether you're with me or not
Your memories are with me

Tujhe chahana hai lazmi
Tere bin main bhi nahi(x2)

Loving you is must 
I am not without you as well

Jo na tha mera wo ho gaya
Jo tha mera wo kho gaya
Meri hai khuda se yahi duaa
Jis pal mein tu ho wo pal dila

Which was not mine, became mine
Which was mine, now lost
I pray to God only that
Give me the moment in which you exist

Chaahe yaadon mein jeeta rahoon
Bas yaadein hi aati rahen
Tere sang jo pal bitaaye the
Us pal ko main jeeta rahoon
Us pal ko main jeeta rahoon...

I am living in the memories
Only memories flow through my mind
The moments I spent with you
I keep living in those moments
I keeps living in those moments

Tujhe chahana hai lazmi
Tere bin main bhi nahi(x2)

Saugat hai tere pyar ki
Tu junoon mere dil se juda
Meri rooh mein aake basa
Yeh wafa ki hai maharbaaniyaan

This is gift of your love (that)
You are passion of my heart
You come and entered in my soul
This is blessing of faithlessness
Saugat is an Urdu word 
Which means gift or offering

Chaahe ro pade dil ya has pade
Anhe meri bas rah gayi
Chaahe chhod doon ya panah doon
Dil bin tere jee na sake
Dil bine tere jee na sake....

Whether this heart weeps or laughs
Only sigh I have left
Whether I leave it or adopt it
Heat can't live without you

Tujhe chahana hai lazmi
Tere bin main bhi nahi(x2)

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  1. Ursula Kataky19 November 2017 at 01:28

    Lyrics become superb when your heart utters

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