Pyar Ho Song Lyrics & English Transltion - Munna Michael

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pyar ho song lyrics and English translation
Pyar Ho song is from the movie Munna Michael, sung by Vishal Mishra, Sunidhi Chauhan, music by Vishal Mishra and lyricist of this song is Kumaar.

Song Credits:
Movie: Munna Michael
Music: Vishal Mishra
Singer: Vishal Mishra, Sunidhi Chauhan
Lyrics: Kumaar
Music On: Eros Now

Tumse hi milkar toh
Dil dhadakta hai
Tum saanso jaise ho
Aisa lagta hai

Only after meeting you
This heart beats
You're like my breath
It seems to me

Pehli dafa jo hone laga hai
Pehle hua na kabhi
Mehsoos dil ne jo bhi kiya hai
Lafzo mein keh doon abhi

What is happening for the first time
It never happens before
I will tell you in words right now
What my heart has felt

Pyar ho jab pyar ho
Har baar ho tumse hi
Pyar ho beshumaar ho
Har baar ho tumse hi

Whenever I fall in love
Every time I fall in love with you
I fall in love heavily
Every time I fall in love with you

Tum jo nahi the saath toh
Tanha sa tha dil ka safar
Be-khwaab hi soti rahin
Jagti rahi meri nazar

When you were not with me
This journey of heat is lonely
My eyes kept sleeping and
Waking up without any dreams

Aa paas mere palko pe rakh dun
Jitne sapne hain sabhi
Honthon pe mere khulne lagi
Khwaahish thi dil mein dabi

Come to me, I will keep
All the dreams in the eye-lids
Desires which suppressed in heart
Began to reveal in the lips

Pyaar ho, jab pyaar ho
Har baar ho, tumse hi
Pyaar ho, beshumaar ho
Har baar ho, tumse hi

Tumpe ruke, tumse chale
Lamhein mere ab toh yahan
Raahein meri tumpe thami
Ab hai mujhe jaana kahan

Now my moments here
stop at you, move from you
My paths hold at you
Where should I go now

Tum bin chalun toh
Kadmo se mere ye rooth jaaye zameen
Ab zindagi mein kuch ho na par
Ikk baat hai laazmi

If I walk without you
These lands sulk with my steps
Now if there is something in life or not
But one thing is conformed

Pyar ho, jab pyar ho
Har baar ho, tumse hi
Pyar ho, beshumaar ho
Har baar ho, tumse hi

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