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You And Me Lyrics & English Translation - Befikre

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This song You And Me from the moive Befikere, sung by Nikhil D Souza and Rachel Varghese, composed by Vishal-Shekhar. Lyricist of this song is Jaideep Sahni.

Song Credits:
Singers: Nikhil D’Souza, Rachel Varghese
Music Composer: Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics by: Jaideep Sahni
Music Label: YRF Music

Bheege pade joote kahin
It’s You and Me
Dabba khula coffee nahi
It’s You and Me

Shoes are lying wet somewhere
It's you and me
Box was opened but there is no coffee
It's you and me

Chhaata kabhi khulta nahi
It’s You and Me
Khidki rahe hardam khuli
It’s You and Me

Umbrela is unble to be taken up
It's you and me
The window keeps always open
It's you and me

Tedhi ye zindagi
Jaisi ye dosti
Hai ghalat sab yahaan
Par sabhi hain sahi

This life is struggle
Like this friendship
Everyone is wrong here
But everyone is right 

Raste tedhe-medhe raste
Jab bhi ho jaye kabhi yahaan
Daldal lage jahaan

Whenever there roads
Become zig-zag shaped
This world seems to be swamp 

Hans le, baahon ko phaila ke
Thodi pee jaayein khuli hawa
Free mein mili hawa

Smile, spread your arms
Let's take some fresh air
This air is free

Behte khalasi hain
Bhabhke jahaaji hain
Udne ko raazi hain
Mod de hum fizaa

Khalasi move ahead
It is hotness of aeroplanes
Read to fly 
We can turn the wind
Khalasi means  low-rank workers who work in ships or trains

Thode deewane hain
Thode sayaane hain
Paapi puraane hain
Choos le hum mazaa, o o..

We are a little crazy
We are a little mature
We are old sinners
We will suck every drop of fun

Chalte hue phisle kahin
It’s you and me
Hanste hue nikle kahin
It’s you and me

We sleep while walking somewhere
It's you and me
We pass through somewhere laughing
It's you and me

Tedhi ye zindagi
Jaisi ye dosti
Hai ghalat sab yahan
Par sabhi hain sahi


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