Baatcheet Lyrics and English Translation - Badshah's New Rap Song

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Vocals: Badshah
Music: Badshah
Lyrics: Badshah

It's hot right now.. aanh!
Let's go!

Swag se bharpoor
Mujhe kalaa ka guroor
Competition se aage chalne walon se koso door
Meri beamer 220 par
Rear-view mirror mein koi nahi dikh raha
Mera maal bik raha
Mujhe mat sikha,
Tu khud dekh kya tu likh raha
Badshah ke aage koi bhi toh nahi tik raha
Swagger - ✓ check
Gaadi - ✓ check
Teri bandi - ✓ check
Paisa - cash
Karoon cash kyun, karoon use card main
Paise ki baat na ho to kripya jaaye bhaad mein

Full of swag
I am proud of the art
I am very far from the people, taking lead in the competition
My beamer is at 220
I can't see anyone in the rear-view mirror
My consignment is being bought
Don't teach me
You see yourself what you're writing
No one can stand against Badshah
Swagger - ✓ check
Vehicle - ✓ check
Your girlfriend - ✓ check
Cssh - cash
Why to pay cash, I'll use the card
If the matter is not about money then please go to Hell
King is called Badshah in Hindi but here Badshah is the name

Galaa kharab par zubaan kharab nahi
Sar mein dard lekin dimag kharab nahi
Peeta nahi lekin phir bhi mere bar mein bete
Jo na ho aisi koi bhi sharab nahi
Show pe show mere rahe hain ho mujhse
Jalne wale apne hosh rahe kho rahe
Kho mujhe dekh kar wo apna aapa
Unke bacche mujh mein dekhte hain apna papa

My throat is sore but my tongue is fine
My head is aching but I haven't lost my mind
I don't drink but There is no such wine
Which is not available in my bar
I an doing plays and plays or shows
People who are jealous, are getting unconscious seeing me
Their kids see their fathers in me

Siyapa le liya maine rap karke
Meri piche pad gayi duniya
Dekho mere rap karke
Do time ki roti nahi milti logon ko rap karke
Lekin maine kamaye karodon bete rap karke

I have undertaken the RAP
The world is crazy about me
Just do my rap and see
You can't get two times chapati (food) doing rap
But I earned crores doing rap, son

Kyunki fark hai, logon ke rap baasi
Mera rap jaise taazi kaju ki barfi par
Chandi ka varak hai
Lambi ye sadak hai
Tumhari gaadi slow
Mere paas Mercedes, woh bhi do do
Ek mein main
Ek mein mere yaar dost

Because there is the difference, people' rap is dulled 
My rap is like fresh sweet on the fresh cashew nuts
Varak is of silver
This road is long
Your vehicle is slow
I have Mercedes, what's more They're two
I am in one (Mercedes)
My friends are in the another
Vark or varaka is any foil composed of a pure metal, typically silver, sometimes gold, used for garnishing sweets in South Asian cuisine

Zyada log nahi bas yehi do chaar dost
Kyunki zyada logon se meri baat-cheet nahi hai
Par jitto se bhi baatcheet hai baatcheet sahi hai
Industry saaf hai par industry wale hain gande
Munh pe bhai par dil ke kaale hain bande
Kisi ko problem mein dekh ke ho jaate andhe
Mera rap unke gale mein padne wale fande

Not so many friends I have, only 2 to 4 friends
Because I am not in the contact with many people
But all the people I know, my contacts are good with them
Industry is clean but industrialists are worse
They call me brother but their hearts not clean
They ignore the one who is in trouble
My rap is like a trap around their neck

Main apne kaam se kaam rakhun
Faaltu ki baatein nahi
Paise ki baat ho toh baaton pe dhyan rakhun
Gurde mein jaan rakhun
Aatma-samman rakhun
Chale jab raaton ko sone na de
Mujhse jalne walon ko aisi main zabaan rakhun
Rap ghamasan likhun bada sa makaann rakhun
Jalne wale jo na bole
Main wo sun'ne wale kaan rakhun
Chota vaayuyaan rakhun
Tere career ko mitti karne wale
Rap'on ki dukaan rakhun
Kabhi bhi na fatne wale gaa*d rakhun
Apni upar taang rakhun
Doston par dene waali jaan rakhun
Yeah yeah yeah... aanh

I only mind my own business
Not on the useless matters
If the matter is about money, I keep my focus on the matters
I keep kidney strong
I keep self respect
I keep such language which I use at night
When jealous people don't let me sleep
I write dangerous rap, I keep goals higher
What jealous people don't say
I keep those hearing ears
I have small plane
Which can destroy your career
I have shop of such raps
See meaning blew of this line
See meaning blew of this line
I sacrifice for my friends
Yeah yeah yeah... aanh
GAND word is regarded as an abuse in Hindi
GAND PHATNA means to give up or to be scared
It's bad language in Hindi, not use this line in you day-to-day life recommended
UPER TANG RAKHNA it is an idion in Hindi
It means to focus on your own
You don't want to hear anyone else.
You just want others to hear only you

Kam zyada nahi sab rakhun thik thik
Main sununga nahi
Tu thak jaayega cheekh cheekh
Main main bana hoon zindagi se seekh seekh
Tabhi me hun strong strong or tu hai weak-weak

I don't have lots of work and I keep it fine
I won't hear
You'll be tired crying and crying
I came got strong by learning from the life
Therefore I am strong strong and you're weak weak

Har week mere baare kuch na kuch chhape
Internet magazines akhbaaron waale
Mujhse interview mein puchein aise se sawaal
Jaise mere liye buna ja raha ho koi jaal

Something about me keeps printing every week
Generalists of internet magazines and newspapers
Ask me such question in the interview
Like a trap is being created for me

Jaise mujhse sunna chahe kuch sansani khej
Jaise kya sach me maine likhe gaane Honey ke
Kaise rishte mere Sony Music company ke
Na jaane aise kitne sawaal funny se

Like they want to hear any sansani khej from me
Like did I really write songs of Honey?
How are the relationships between me and Sony Music Co..
Don't know how many such funny questions there are?
Sansani Khej meaning: This word is used by media or news channels 
It means a big news which can shake the people 

Par me sab samajhta hun aakhir unka kaam hai
Naam na lunga kyunki aakhir unka naam hai
Mehanga bada daam hai dimag ke aaram ka
Faltu ke pango mein main padhta nahi khamkha

I can understand overall it's their work
I don't tell their name because they have big names
There's higher cost, relax or lazy from brains
I don't get in useless quarrels for no reason

It's your boy Badshah naam sabko yaad hai
Mujhse jalne wala agle saal barbaad hai

It's your boy Badshah everyone remembers the name
People, jealous with me, are ruined next year 


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