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This song is from the movie Chef, sung by Raghu Dixit, music by Raghu Dixit and lyricist of this song is Ankur Tiwari 

Song: Shugal Laga Le
Movie: Chef
Singer: Raghu Dixit
Music: Raghu Dixit.
Lyrics: Ankur Tiwari
Music Label: T-Series

Ghumein aawara se
Mere kadam jahaan
Banta gaya bas rasta
Raahi mile jahaan bhi
Pagle manmoji jo
Badta gaya bas kaarwaan

Wherever my footsteps went
The way continuously became there
Wherever I met despotic travelers 
Our kaarwaan continuously moved on
Kaarwaan is a group of people 
Who began their journey together

Meri sunega toh agle sanichar ko
Paar lagegi naiya
Aur jo na lage chinta saari jhad je
Sur milaake gaate ja

If you'll listen to me, on the next saturdy
You'll be well being 
And you are worried, just forget it
And sing together 

Dum laga ke
Shugal laga le
Dum dabake
Shugal laga le
Befikar tu shugal lagate ja

Shugal is an Arabic world 
Which means fun  
So here singer is saying to have fun
And forget all your worries 

Shugal laga le
You just have fun

Naach le tu,
Shugal laga le,
Dum laga ke,
Shugal laga le,
Befikar tu shugal lagate ja,

Shugal laga le..
Aur naache ja,

Jaane de fikre
Baarig ho jigre
Jaane de jo beeta

Hey forget your worries
Forget the past now

Aane de dil mein
Hoja ab jinde
Jee le ab ye lamha

Let it come to heart
Now you stand up
Enjoy this moment

Kal jo beeta to usko jaane de
Na kar koi parwah bas udd ja
Koi naachine koni taali hai
Bas iraadon ke par laga ke ja
Ja, ja, udd ja..

Forget what happened yesterday (in the past)
Forget all your worries and now fly away
Just set the wings of the desire and go
Go go fly away

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