Ankhha Churave Lyrics & English Translation - Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi

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Ankhha Churave Song Lyrics and English Translation from the movie Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi
This song Ankhha Churave is from the movie Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi, sung by Amitabh Narayan and Sanjivani, music by Lalit Pandit and lyricist of this song is Sanjay Chhel

 Song Credits:
Song: Ankhha Churave
Movie: Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi
Singers: Amitabh Narayan & Sanjivani
Music Composer: Lalit Pandit
Lyricist: Sanjay Chhel
Music On: Zee Music Company

Ankhha churave kyo
Ghadi ghadi ghadi
Chhalla ghumave kyo
Khadi Khadi Khadi (x2)

Why do you avoid me
Often often often
Why do you revolve chain
Standing standing standing (like this)

Oh mere sathiya
Oh bolo bolo
Oh mere balliya

Oh my dear
Oh tell me tell me
Oh my beloved

Tere ang ang mein hai tarang
Teri baat baat mein jal tarang
Teri yaad yaad ke sang sang
Main jeeti hoon(x2)

There is wave in your body
Your talks have water wave
With the memories of you
I live (my life)

Ab khol khol tu dil ke dwar
Kab tak karunga tera intzaar
Ab to laga de naiya ko paar
Main dooba hoon

Now you open the doors of heart
How long shall I wait 
At least now let my boat cross
I am sinking 
Naiya paaar lagana (get my boat crossed the river)
Is an Hindi Idiom. Generally we use this idiom in Hindi before God
It means we are in trouble and want God to solve our all problems
Here this idiom means that singer wants her to tell him about her love
Towards him

Channa deti hai signal
Haan hondi isme koi gal
Mere lonely lonely dil mein
Teri only only baatein
Karde jeena haraam

She gives the indication
Yeah there must be any secret in it
In my lonely lonely heart
Your only talks make my living hard

Teri adaa lagti mujhe bhali bhali
Jaise samunder pe shaam dhali dhali
Challa gumve kyo khadi khadi khadi

Your style seems to me very dear
Just like Sunset in the sea shore
Why do you revolve chain standing like this

Oh mere sathiya
Oh bolo bolo
Oh mere belliya (x2)

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