Chandralekha Lyrics & English Translation - A Gentleman

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 Chandralekha song lyrics and English translation
This song is from the movie A Gentleman, sung by Vishal Dadlani and Jonita Gandhi, music by Sachin-Jigar and lyricist of this song is Vayu

Song Credits:
Movie: A Gentleman
Singers - Vishal Dadlani & Jonita Gandhi
Music - Sachin- Jigar
Lyrics - Vayu
Music Label: T-Series

O Chandralekha!
Jab jab tujhko dekha
Aaye aisi feeling
First time tujhko dekha(x2)

O Chandralekha
Whenever I saw you
It seems to me that
I saw you for the first time

Aye maari tune aisi entry
Hil gayi poori country
Mere dil pe dent
Permanent pad gaye nazrein jo mili

Aye you entered like this that
Entire country shook 
There is permanent dent on my heart
When my eyes fell on you

Hadh se bhi zyada cute tu
Mere karmo ka fruit tu
Koi hai gagan mein to
Aiven jahan se aa kar tu giri

You are beyond cuteness
You are fruit(result) of my doings
There is someone in the sky
From where you fell down

Mere charche darbadar hai
Bas tu hi bekhabar hai
Main cheekha chillaya
Tune mudke na dekha
(Mud mud ka na dekha)

Discussions about me, everywhere
Only you are not aware
I cried, yelled
But you didn't turn to see

O Chandralekha
Jab jab tujhko dekha
Aaye aisi feeling
First time tujhko dekha

I don't care, if you love me
You know you don't deserve me
You do your thing, I'll do my thing
Cause you ain't coming with me

Mujhe na kar tu follow, flying solo
I don't need nobody
Iss raat ka maza lo
Jaane do na bro
I am not your honey

You don't follow, flying solo
I don't need nobody
Have fun at tonight
Let me go bro
I am not you honey

Ho tere nakhre hash tag #desi
Lagte hain hash tag #sexy
Ladke tere aage pieche gir jaate hain
Chehra tera laga, accha
Ik look pe mar mita, accha
Kya bolun khwab tere
Kahan lekar jaate hain

Ho your attitude is hash tag #desi
They seem to be hash tag #sexy
Men fall down around you
Your face seem to me good, really
I died on this look, really
What do I tell you
Where do your dreams take me

Kab se tujhpe nazar hai
Tu mere naino ki sugar hai
Par bhaav na diya
Kabhi mujhe ik bhi paise ka
Mujhe ik bhi paise ka

I am watching you for long time
You are sugar of my eyes
But you never showed me any sign

O Chandralekha!
Jab jab tujhko dekha
Aaye aisi feeling
First time tujhko dekha

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