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This song has been sung by Neeti Mohan music Rochak Kohli. Lyricist of this song is Manoj Muntashir

Song Credits:
Song: Man Marziyan
Singer: Neeti Mohan
Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir
Music: Rochak Kohli
Music Label: T-Series

Man marziyaan…
Man marziyaan…

Man marziyaan means the taks which are in your mind and you want to do them. If you want to do what is in your mind, what your heart says then you are doing Man mazi, plural is Man marziyaan 

Dhundne chali thori si hansi
Mera saath de, ae dil guzarish meri
Baadalon se ho meri dosti
Jaraa si to hai dil yeah khwahish meri

I began to search for laugh
Acompany me, oh heart I request you
I become friend of the clouds
It is my small wish, oh  heart 

Neela ho jayega aasmaan ek din
Milne ko aayega ek din

One day the sky will be blue
The sky will come to meet one day

Sitaaron ki jagah pohunchegi dekhna
Pairon ne jo dhool udaai hai
Deewangi meri, bekhudi meri
Yeah mujhe kahaan le aayi hai

The dust which feet made fly
Will reach to the stars one day
Where did my passion, 
My senselessness bring me 

Chala dil karne ko chala
Man marziyan.. man marziyan…
Manmarziyan oo… manmarziyan…

This heart got out 
To do what he wants 
To do what he wants 

Tedhe medhe raaste hain, chal befikar 
Aasaaniyon mein kuch mazaa hi nahi
Aasmaan se yeah zameene milengi kahin
Hoga kabhi jo hua hi nahi

The way is full of obsticles, moive without worries
There is no fun in easiness 
This lands will meet the sky at least somewhere
It will ever happen which never happened 

Qisse sunayega yeah jahaan ek din
Palkein bichhayega ek din 

This world will tell the stories one day
This world will down the eyes one day
Palkein bichhana means generally to wait for someone in Hindi

Sitaaron ki jagah pohuchegi dekhna
Pairo ne jo dhool udayi hai
Deewangi meri, bekhudi meri
Ye mujhe kaha le aayi hai

Chala dil karne ko chala
Man marziyan.. man marziyan..
Man marziyan oo… man marziyan..

Man marziyan…

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